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Fundies on the Run???

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:02 pm    Post subject: Fundies on the Run??? Reply with quote

Recent changes at the PID website have resulted in the shut down of the following:

Watcher Magazine;

Connecting The Dots;

Forum renamed and moved to another site.

Rumors persist as to the reasons motivating these drastic changes and since Derek Gilbert has been shown to have lied in the past, his credibility is gone.

It is a fact that discussing topics coupled with Newspaper articles and other verifiable proof send them into complete confusion lashing out in desperation to overcome reality.

On one thread, a discussion about the lack of secular historical evidence of Jesus, resulted in Derek begging me to discontinue posting on the subject.
He was utterly unable to refute any of the evidence nor produce one shred of proof to overcome a simple article posted on the Rational Response Squad's website.

It is sad that the brainwashing the occurs at these cults disguised as organized churches need to be investigated by the authorities to protect both adults and children who suffer each day due to twisted, sick mindsets and to put a stop to it before any other people are injured mentally and/or physically.

Remember, these people can be extremely dangerous as seen by Mothers killing their children, Clinics being bombed, and a host of other atrocities committed by these brainwashed lunatics and only by strict scrutiny of law enforcement and courts will the problems be stopped.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here is a direct announcement made by Sharon Gilbert using the handle Write Sister on the old PID Forum prior to the change over.


Derek and I have discussed the possibility of banning members, but ultimately we come back to the same conclusion -- Christians should not be afraid of criticism.

Not everyone here believes the way we do, but each has the right to speak his/her mind. If you do not agree with someone, you are not required to respond.

Spamming our site will result in a ban, but opinions expressed sincerely will not.

Remember, Christ died for all of us -- As it is written in Romans 3:10, "There is none righteous, no, not one..." and in (Romans 3:23-24) "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus."

This forum has become a wonderful place to share, to bond, to seek support, and -- to debate. Please keep your debate civil and respectful, folks.

Thanks and God bless,

As you can see this post clearly states the Gilbert's intent about banning members from the Forum. Since I was banned for simply proving a violation of the rules by another member directed against me personally, the facts are readily apparent banning a member was strictly against the what was done.


Sorry Alockslee, you are banned from using this forum!

A person is not allowed to post on that Forum without being banned.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The purpose of my prior postings on this thread is to show by using the exact statements made by the people who claim to be truthful and yet as anyone can see their actions are in direct opposition to what was meant to be absolute.

Derek Gilbert has a problem with being called a liar but what conclusion can be reached when he posts absolute position statements and then does a complete 180!

The sad thing about this is he continues to act as if he has done nothing wrong. Well if your actions demonstrate that you can't deal with truth then why scream and act in a manner that he can't?

The users on PID are in serious need of accepting that their continuing practice of defaming Pagans, Occultists, members of various private groups and the like are having to suffer due to people like the Gilberts who act irresponsibly, slander. libel and disregard the facts.

There are many of these types of sites run by people like those at PID, search them out and make you voice known. Don't be discouraged, be nice, avoid vulgarities, stay calm and it will serve you well as they can't take being proved to be be liars. Use their own Bible against them, it is full of material and that will infuriate them most since they take it literally and must obey it! Make them walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Stay firm!!!

The only way to correct these actions is to do the following:

1. Inform the public;

2. Post the proof of the lies;

3. To take direct action under the law to cause change;

4. Organize others to take action as well and through a calm, rational, intelligent approach make them first admit to the error of their ways and continue contacting the appropriate parties to correct these civil violations;

5. Encourage others to join and undertake this effort to stop this from happening and to serve as an example to others who do the same.

6. Seek out and expose all those who promulgate libelous,slanderous and even more dangerous actions against the rights of people pursuing their legal and Constitutionally guaranteed rights to practice their religion.

7. The proper course is do this is non-violent, legal means and this includes contacting the service providers to take action against the spread of inaccurate material. Yes write to the website owners (not the Forum hosts), but the actual directors of the forum site in which this is happening and demand that they instruct the Forum hosts to admit, remove and post statements that the conduct was in fact slanderous, libelous, and causing direct harm to people.

8. Take legal action against these people and have the court order that this be done. It has happened before and since the material can't be backed up with proof will leave them with no choice but to conform to the law and serve as examples to discourage others from these practices.

It can be done and if pursued in a lawful manner it will change and stop the spread of these lies. If you sit back it won't go away on it's own, so take action, speak out here, on those forums and let them know it is not going to be tolerated, until that happens persecution will continue. This isn't the dark ages, it's the 21st Century, stand up and take lawful action to stop it.

I have proven they can't deal with it and they are intentionally destroying your rights, and only by joining together to speak up and out will stop it.

Think of how satisfied you will be to be able to go about in public without having to hid your religion, your beliefs and not have to hear this drivel any longer. Congress has already a Bill in the works, so help America by working towards equality, tolerance and acceptance of people of all faiths to hold their heads high and stop oppression by allowing it to go on.

SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT! and MAKE YOUR OPINIONS KNOWN! Join their forums and tell them, don't stop keep up the efforts and they will buckle under, they always do!


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